Saturday, May 7, 2011

River Kills a Good Man, The Best She's Ever Known

A lot of theories after the airing of 'The Impossible Astronaut' that the Astronaut is River Song and we have witnessed her kill "the best man she has ever known", The Doctor.

The theory also goes that this is the event which leads to her arrest and imprisonment in the Stormcage.

Good theory. I tend to believe it myself.

One logic issue that Moffat will have to deal with. If that is River Song in the Astronaut suit, she killed The Doctor in 2011. She is in prison in the 51st Century.

How is it that the 51st century would hold River responsible for a crime committed in 2011?



  1. But, if she and the doctor are traveling in opposite directions, then him dying in his future would have been in her past, so she would have known about it already, right? She also wouldn't have been surprised by his meeting them after they witnessed his death because if she already knew of his death (having killed him).

  2. BUT River Song did shoot at the Astranuat and whisper, "Of course" and she seemed set to tell Amy, Some things can't be changed.

  3. That does sort of make sense...
    Sometimes it blows my mind how well planned out Doctor Who is. I wish I could incorporate the same well-planned-ness into my writing.

  4. "The man she killed" is still a question. Must have been a great man. Possibly the best. In my mind the jury's out on who the 'naught is but; Who's to say the 51st century follows the same principals as us. For a start there's no statute of limitation on murder in the UK anymore. May have been taken up by the whole human race by then. Add to this the possibility of brainwave technology advances and they may be able to process how far into the individual's past a crime was committed. After all if time travel is known then, people with the urge to kill would take advantage of getting away with it by killing in the past. Or future. They still don't know who Jack the Ripper was for example. My last point is that we still don't know who she killed to get locked up, so it may not be for killing him. Hard to say really. You've made a brilliant point but the trouble is there's always brilliant points to counter any argument and, as it's fiction, there's always the depressing possibility of a cop-out answer. Interesting idea though.

  5. Since Rory is River Song's dad, it's quite possible he's the best man she's ever known. The Doctor is not a man nor is he the best, since he has such a dark side.

  6. I think the idea of it being Rory is good / wondering if the woman with the patch is so good at cloning / the little girl menacing the Doctor is a clone Melody/River and the little girl regenerating in the alley at the end of 'Moon' is the real, discarded (for being too stubborn, too recalcitrant, too strong) River/Melody. I think there is too little notice of that small but potentially important scene of a sick young girl regenerating.