Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jack Harkness, The Time Agent who Arrests River Song?

If the events in 'The Impossible Astronaut' indeed show River Song killing The Doctor (in the astronaut suit), if this is the event that leads to her impisonment in The Stormcage - how did she end up in a 51st century prison for a crime committed in 2011?

Wouldn't it be appropriate if she was followed back in time by a Time Agent and arrested?

The Time Agents we are told in 'The Empty Child' are based out of the 51st Century.

Is it a coincidence that the century River Song is imprisoned in is the same century the Time Agents are based out of?

Also keep in mind, 'The Empty Child' was written by a writer named - Steven Moffat.

What if the agent that arrests River Song is our favorite Time Agent, Jack Harkness. Jack Harkness, a character introduced in a Steven Moffat episode. Jack Harkness, a characted Steven Moffat stated he'd like to bring back to his series of Doctor Who.

Also, one of the mysteries introduced in 'The Empty Child' was that Jack Harkness quit the Time Agent because he had lost two years worth of his memories. Were these memories of The Doctor that needed to be removed so he wouldn't recongnize The Doctor when he met him in his future during 'The Empty Child'?

Wouldn't this just bring Steven Moffat's story arc full circle.
Time-Wimey. All speculation on my part, but I'd pay to see it happen.

You read it here first.


  1. I like it. It's a fun theory. The only part striking me as possibly wrong is that The Doctor was the one to remove his memories. Simply because he probably would have known about the death of The Doctor for longer than two years, considering he did die in 2011.

    Still, I quite like it. And I do very much look forward to the day Capt. Jack returns to Doctor Who.

  2. You're a theorizing beast machine!

  3. Genius! That's be brilliant. And show a lot of much do we actually know about Steven Moffat anyway? XD

  4. If this is all true; very clever. Even more clever is that you figured it out. Also, if this brings his story arc full circle, will it also mean that Steven Moffat is done and will move on? (Fingers crossed)

    One thing though...I don't think The Doctor died in 2011. Didn't they say that it was 200 years in the future? At that picnic The Doctor mentioned his age and it was 1100something. I don't think that the timeline of that episode actually makes sense. If they were 200 years in the future why didn't Rory and Amy age. Then Canton ages, but not 200 years.
    What am I missing here.

  5. The actress Alex Kingston has said she would like to be on Torchwood now that it's being filmed mostly in the U.S. There could be a lot of great story there :)

  6. @1be8b0ee-8e0f-11e0-9f8d-000bcdcb471e

    Time travel? It's 200 years in *the Doctor's* future, not *the* future.

  7. From aboynamedposh on Twitter.

    Very strange to write all that & not mention that River's time-travelling device was stolen from a "handsome Time Agent". Like, putting a theory like that out there and not mentioning the one obvious River Song/Jack Harkness connection? Weird.

  8. Friends and I have been theorizing that it's not River that kills the Doctor, we don't know who is in the space suit (the kid broke out, who knows if that's the kid in it at the lake or not).... on the AGMGTW, every time the poem said "a good man" it showed Rory, and River kills "a really good man" (Flesh and Stone).... so while the Doctor's executioner/murderer is unknown, we're pretty confident River kills Rory and is then imprisoned for killing "the last of his kind..... The Last Centurion" ... just a theory of course :)

  9. It's a cool theory. However, according to Captain John, the Time Agency was disbanded not long after Jack left.

  10. I've been searching an explanation...and here it is.