Tuesday, May 7, 2013

RANT about the last 5 minutes of The Crimson Horror

Now that enough time has passed that everyone has seen The Crimson Horror, can we talk about the last 5 minutes?

I HATE the last 5 minutes of TCH. Probably the laziest, most insulting piece of writing in Modern Who. Two children came to the realization their nanny is time traveling with an alien from Google Images. Really!?!

They found a random picture of people on a Russian submarine, DURING THE COLD WAR, and spotted Clara? Really?!?

Forgetting the odds against stumbling on that image, we’re to believe the Soviet Union released images of a Russian submarine that had TWO aliens on it and nearly caused WWIII? That’s not classified info? They found an image of a random nanny from 1892 that looks like Clara? Really?!? What Google search terms were they using?

I understand that the point of the scene is to give the children the leverage needed to demand a trip on the TARDIS  -- leading into Neil Gaiman’s episode.

There were ways to get there that would have been less insulting to the audience’s intelligence.

How about if the children had approached Clara and said “Hey we’ve noticed you walking into a Blue Box, on our front lawn, with some strange man and then box disappears? What’s the deal with that?”

Simple, logical and gets you to the same set-up for Nightmare in Silver.
That took me less than a minute to come up with.

It irks me when a silly scene is written when a logical one would have been just as easy.
I expect better from Moffat and crew.


  1. I think the only reason they did it like that was so that Clara could see the picture of the other Victorian Clara. But I agree it was a rather clumsy and far-fetched way for the kids to discover time travel!

  2. I mostly agree, I thought the scene felt awkward as well. And like Anita pointed out, I think it was more so that Clara could see the picture of the other Clara than for the kids to get a ride in the TARDIS, but they could have done it better. It would have made more sense if the kids had somehow stumbled across only THAT picture. The rest in there as well seems a little far-fetched. Though maybe they somehow found conspiracy websites following the adventures of a man in a blue box...

  3. yea i get wat u mean. how have they found the pictures of the cold war and the ghost hunt when it should be classified info? the other clara picture was a plus, though. btw, i know a few spoilers for next week, but ill only spill the beans if everyone wants me to.