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Empire Of The Jurassic and The Angels of The Cold Earth

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The Doctor and Amy followed the tour group as the enthusiastic bearded older man exclaimed "Welcome to Jurassic Park"

The Doctor and Amy stared up at the caged T-Rex. "Oh this is bad" The Doctor whispered "This is very, very, not good"

"You promised me an island" Amy whined "Well" The Doctor shrugged "This is an island, technically, albeit full of dinosaurs"

* * *

The Doctor and Amy were surrounded by velociraptors. The Doctor reached into his tweed jacket and slowly pulled out his sonic screwdriver.

"Hows that going to help" Amy said staring at the sonic screwdriver. The Doctor glanced over at her and winked.

"The thing about dinosaurs Pond" The Doctor lectured as if their lives were not in imminent danger " Crap eyesight but amazing hearing"

The Doctor activated the sonic screwdriver and all hell broke loose. The velociraptors as one roared in pain and scattered as if drunk.

Amid the confusion of the pained and disoriented velociraptors The Doctor grabbed Amy’s hand pulled her to him and yelled "Run Pond, Run!"

* * *

Amy, out of breath, leaned against the cabin wall and began to wipe the mud off her bare legs. She had fallen running from the velociraptors

As Amy took a breath and wiped the mud from her legs she looked up and caught Dr Malcolm ogling her lecherously.

"You ok Pond?" The Doctor leaned down to make eye contact with Amy and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

* * *

The six foot tall green scaled creature lunged at Amy but was stopped short as multiple bullets pierced its armor plated chest.

Smoke escaped the barrels of Grants shotgun as The Doctor reached for Amy and she exclaimed "Worst Vacation Ever!".

Dr Malcolm and the others leaned over the body of the creature which had attacked Amy. It was bipedal, green, scaled with yellow eyes

"I’m no expert" Dr Malcolm said breaking the silence staring at the lizard like man "but that doesn’t look like a dinosaur to me"

"It’s not a dinosaur" The Doctor said "It’s a Silurian, I believe we have discovered the saboteurs of your Jurassic Park."

"Things just got much, much, worse" The Doctor said adjusting his red bow tie absentmindedly as he scanned the jungle.

"How could things possibly be worse?" Sattler asked

"You been running scared from dinosaurs" The Doctor explained "The Silurians used to keep them as pets. Imagine the masters"

* * *

"What do these creatures want with my park?" John Hammond enquired puzzled and out of breath.

"You may have set out to make an amusement park Mr. Hammond…" The Doctor called back as he scanned the cabin for equipment.

“.. . but what you have actually done is recreate their old home and given the Silurians a reason to return" The Doctor said ominously.

* * *

Cautiously, The Doctor, Amy, Dr. Malcolm, Grant and Sattler crouched towards the outskirts of the Silurian base.

In the distance Amy could observe armed Silurians riding on the backs of multiple Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Doctor and Amy hid behind trees and brush and observed the Silurians releasing the remaining dinosaurs from their cages .

"We are all going to die" Malcolm said in a resigned accepting tone as he stared at the host of armed Silurians and released dinosaurs.

The Doctor patted Malcolm on the back "Cheer up Malcolm" he said with a grin "Wait here I’m going to say hello to our new neighbors”.

Before anyone could react he stood up walked through the brush and approached the armed Silurians with a casual wave and a friendly "Hello, I’m The Doctor" .

* * *

"This island, Isla Nublar, shall be the capital of the new Silurian Empire!" the Silurian leader exclaimed to the cheers of his people.

"Excuse me" The Doctor interjected "If this is the capital how far will this empire extend?". The Silurian Leader responded "Over the entire Earth!"

"Ahh" The Doctor sighed running his hand through his mop of hair "well then I’m afraid I can’t allow that”.

* * *

As Amy waited in the brush with Malcolm and the others a large explosion rocked them off their feet.

Moments later a blur of legs and tweed came busting past them. The Doctor circled back long enough to say "Run!" and continued on his way.

* * *

"If the Silurians leave this island w an army of cloned dinosaurs all of humanity will be lost, we must contain them here" said The Doctor

"How do u propose we do that?" Malcolm asked. Tugging on his red suspenders The Doctor responded with a tap to his nose "I have a plan”

"There are far worse things on this island than Silurians and Dinosaurs" The Doctor supplied as he lead the group through the jungle.

"I didn’t actually come to this island looking for Silurians and Dinosaurs. I came to stop something of unimaginable evil"

"Now instead of stopping it we are going to unleash it on the Silurians. This plan should appeal to you Malcolm. It’s pure chaos!"

With a frown The Doctor added "Then we’ll worry about getting the genie back in the bottle".

* * *

"Where are we going?" Sattler asked as she rushed to catch up to The Doctor

"We are heading to main complex to unpack some of Hammond’s decorations" The Doctor said leaping onto a overturned tree trunk

Amy climbed up beside him as the Doctor looked around to gain his bearings. "Explain" Amy said

The Doctor looked over at Amy "Seems Mr. Hammond has a taste for rare antiquities. He bought four rare statues to place in his lobby"

The Doctor jumped down of the trunk and continued on his way "Were going to unpack them for him".

"Why in God’s name are we doing that?" Hammond asked

"This has nothing to do with God at all Mr. Hammond" The Doctor responded "It has to do with Angel’s".

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