Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Genetic Transfer, Travel In TARDIS or Fixed Point in Time

The hottest geek game since "Paper, Rock, Lizard, Spock"

Its an easy game. Name 3 celebrities and determine if , as a Time Lord, you would perform a casual Genetic Transfer, take them with you to Travel In the TARDIS, or since the celebrity is a Fixed Point in Time you leave them to die.

If your unfamiliar with the Doctor Who terminology, a brief explanation.

Genetic Transfer (GT)

Occasionally the Doctor takes a fancy to a woman and will share some romantic time with her but at the end of the episode hes done with her. Example: Lady Christina in The Planet of the Dead .

Sometimes the Doctor will even state that he was forced to french kiss a woman to perform a "Genetic Transfer". Yeah, OK.

I assume a Genetic Transfer would be even more effective if other bodily fluids were exchanged.

Regardless, they may have had chemistry but these girls dont make it to the TARDIS.

Travel In TARDIS (TIT)

Sometimes the Doctor becomes infatuated enough that he brings the young lady back to the TARDIS for a longer relationship. One assumes the ladies are visiting a Dimensionally Transendental bedroom. Examples: Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith

Fixed Point in Time (FPT)

Then there are the ladies the Doctor just wants to be rid of all together. He will justify this death by stating "She was a Fixed Point in Time. Trust me she had to die."


So a sample game would go like so -
GIT, TIT, FPT: Rose Tyler, Kate from Lost, Susan Boyle.

I would perform a Genetic Transfer (GT) with Kate, Bring Rose Tyler for some Travel In the TARDIS (TIT) and unfortunately Susan Boyle is a Fixed Point in Time (FPT) so shes gonna have to die.

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