Monday, February 22, 2010

Why the 11th Doctor's outfit, while not iconic, may work for the character as played by Matt Smith

As a disclaimer, I must admit I love the 10th Doctor's outfit. The combination of the blue suit wearing red trainers with a brown trenchcoat just works.

Walk around a Comic Con and you will find two versions of the Doctor walking amid the vendor booths and fans dressed as storm troopers: A certain jelly baby loving Doctor sporting a long scarf and a red converses peaking out below brown trenchcoats.

My initial reaction to the pictures of Matt Smith wearing the Doctor's new outfit were lukewarm. Over time however it has begun to grow on me.

Matt Smith will be the youngest actor to ever play the Doctor at the point were the character is at his oldest. Its important to note that while the Doctor was always old from a human viewpoint, he began the story as a very young Time Lord. Even the 1st Doctor, as played by an ancient looking William Hartnel, was young by a Time Lord's measure. He had not even undergone his first regeneration. From the first episode of Doctor Who to the current 11th Doctor, the Doctor has aged over 500 years.

So that is the Doctor Matt Smith will be portraying - an old man in a young mans body It is an aspect of the character that RTD touched upon briefly, upon occasion, that I hope Stephen Moffat will delve into further.

This is why the 11th Doctor's new outfit makes sense to me. It visually communicates something about the character. The clothes he is wearing are old fashioned. An old man's clothes. The disconnect of a young man in an old mans clothes are symbolic of the old soul in a young man body.

It is my hope that Matt Smith will play the Doctor as an old man entering the final years of his life. A Time Lord who has more days behind him than ahead of him trying to accomplish as much as possible in the days left to him and taking advantage of the youth and energy of his new regeneration to help him get it done.

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  1. Wow, I never thought of that. Good point. Plus, we don't know what other eccentricities he will have (beyond "Geronimo!"). With the Doctor, the core of his personality remains somewhat the same despite many actors playing him. His flippant sense of humor, his admiration of the universe and of humans, and his genius. And his penchant for getting into jams!